Character Spotlight – Cecelia Clark


Cecelia Clark starts out as this totally unassuming, socially awkward, guarded young woman whose success in life revolves closely around her career as a contractor for the US Air Force. But in every other aspect of her life—her marriage, her friends, her family—she’s a huge failure and that is mostly due to the fact that she suffered the traumatic loss of her mother when she was only 10 years old. This traumatic event in her childhood changed the trajectory of her path in life. It tore her family apart and forced her to harbor her anger and despair for years. Her father taught her how to control her feelings by his own example and by giving her an outlet through boxing, and eventually martial arts and firearms training.

Cecelia never thinks she’ll actually have to use these skills that she acquired until she goes through another traumatic event that unlocks this beast of emotions that she’s been repressing all her life. She’s kidnapped and is subjected to all sorts of nasty violence. Fortunately she’s rescued, but as she recovers from her injuries sustained during the kidnapping she kind of goes through this metamorphosis from which she becomes this moody, passionate, unhinged, instinctive, uncontrollable bad-ass with a laser focus on one mission and that’s protecting herself and the people she loves.

Cecelia is all over the place emotionally, but she’s highly goal-oriented. When she has an objective, she eats, sleeps, and breathes whatever she has to do to meet it. What’s carried her through these often self-assigned missions is her father’s training and her very sharp intellect. What she struggles with however is her own self-loathing, which both keeps her motivated towards her targets and distant from the people who love and support her.

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